New Fall/ Winter 2017! All IN !!


1+ in the Family (pronouced 'one more in the family') is a Spanish brand created in 2012 for babies aged 0-24 months. The clothing is simple with beautiful cuts and comfortable fabrics. The great thing about the brand 1+ in the Family: they manufacture in Barcelona, Spain! Discover the beautiful clothing for your little ones of irreproachable quality here at the 1+ in the Family online boutique.

The first 1 + IN THE FAMILY collection comes out in the Autumn / Winter 2012 season, by the hand of Gemma Mases, mum of three children, long experienced designer and children’s fashion passionate. The launch of the new brand takes place at the same time as little baby Bruna’s birth, designer’s niece. A baby as desired as this project, following Gemma’s strong desire to create her own brand and to feel identified with her product.

“The brave decision of my sister to start a family as a single mother, was key to encourage me to undertake the project that I had been dreaming for so long, that’s why we decided to name the brand 1 + IN THE FAMILY“.

1 + IN THE FAMILY is an original collection specifically designed to dress babies from 1 to 36 months old. A versatile collection that combines very soft fabrics and pays special attention to the comfortability of minimalist designs. 1 + IN THE FAMILY is comfy, easily, quality and creativity for little and cool babies. The careful process of design and production, which are made entirely in Barcelona, is part of our commitment with these families who trust in our brand.


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