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Mini Muse

La Baule, France … what better place to imagine and draw design the new reference of “comfort” clothing for toddlers?

Freshly graduated from a renowned fashion school in Paris and passionate about the world of little ones, Margaux Pautric has set herself a challenge where her enthusiasm and passion had no limit: to create her own line of baby clothes from birth to 2 year old. Margaux combined her know-how and passion to create a new luxury brand entirely dedicated to the world of newborn: Mini Muse.

The goal is: to offer a high-quality clothing line starting from an early age, a timeless style enhanced by noble and natural materials of the highest quality. Because she wanted cocooning and comfort for all babies, Mini Muse is available in the same soft pastels, for boys and girls.

Each collection consists of carefully crafted pieces, worthy of receiving the most anticipated baby!